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Our Carlstadt, NJ, Catering Services Make Hosting Events Much Easier

The food is the most important part of any event but it can also take the most work to put together. Between cooking, setup, serving, and cleanup, it’s too much for anyone but a team of professionals to handle. Caribbean Delicacies is happy to simplify this for you with our catering services in Carlstadt, NJ. We have years of experience bringing a taste of the Jamaican, Haitian, Trinidadian, and Puerto Rican islands to all kinds of local events. From family gatherings to weddings and corporate parties, we can provide for all of their culinary needs, saving you time and trouble.

Our Caribbean catering offers a diverse menu with fresh, healthy ingredients and something for every set of taste buds. There are vegan options to accommodate all of your guests’ dietary needs, and we’re prepared to customize our menu further to ensure everyone can enjoy a delicious meal. The Caribbean Delicacies crew is available every day from morning to night to supply your get-together with the tasty, nutritious food that you and your invitees deserve. Just contact us to get started. Our comprehensive catering services go a long way toward making your occasion memorable.

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Serving Size-Half Tray-Serves 8-12 people
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